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Off-Road Events Guidelines

Off-road Minimal Equipment Guidelines 

  • A full gas tank. If possible, have a Jerry can with extra fuel, just in case.

  • Spare water for the radiator (coolant) 

  • Fire extinguisher

  • A high-lift jack

  • A shovel

  • A portable air compressor.

  • Off-road tires

  • A spare tire, (full size) and tools to change tires.

  • Tow rope, rated for your vehicles weight.

  • Recovery Shackels

  • First aid kit.

  • Basic Personal Essentials (water, food) 

  • Phone and two-way radio for your companions

  • Spare Key for vehicle

  • Basic Tool Kit 

Be prepared OIIIIIIIO

  • Make Sure to Have A Multi-Point Vihecle inspection.

  • Check Your  Ground Clearance

  • Add Protection

  • Get the Right Tires

  • Carry Emergency Supplies and a Gallon of drinking Water

  • Know What Your Jeep /  Truck Can Do

Showcase Events Guidelines

Showcase Events Guidelines 

  • Be on Time (30 Min to 1 hour earlier)

  • Join us with your Rig 

  • No weapons of any kind

  • Participating in our events is a consent of being photographed and /or recorded by our marketing team.

  • Have Fun!

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